Sunday, 22 November 2015

My latest project

I've been meaning to start his blog for a while now. This year I've been doing some renovations on some of my rentals so thought I'd start a bog to record it, but it hasn't quite got off the ground until now.

Over the past 5-6 weeks my wife and I have been going a major renovation on one of our rental properties.

The project has included:

  • new kitchen
  • new bathroom
  • Removing an interior wall to make an open plan dining/lounge area (formerly a bedroom and dining area.
  • Complete repaint of all rooms
  • New carpet and lino etc

This is by far the biggest project I've done on a rental (we've done kitchens or bathrooms up before, painted them etc but not done such a major renovation). The aim is to improve its value and increase the rents we can get off it. We have a tenant lined up, due to move in next weekend so this week need to get the bathroom completed and new kitchen installed this week so they can move in!

The property in question is a 1930s era brick bungalow, about 100m from where I work. We purchased it about 2 years ago.

This weekend we took most of the rubbish to the dump, have finished off painting the lounge, Julie has continued with painting windows and skirting etc.

The first thing I did was remove the old kitchen- a nineteen fifties or sixties era original.



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