Sunday, 22 November 2015

Update 2- Removing a wall

Rhe property has abit of a weird layout in that the lounge is at the eastern end of the house so gets morning sun but no afternoon sun, the main beroom on the north side so it gets the sun during the day and the dining/kitchen is on the soth side so is uite dark but does get some late afternoon sun fro the west.

So my plan was to remove the wall between the bedroom and dining room and convert the bedroom into a more one plan dining/lounge and kitchen and us the old lounge as the new main bedroom, which would make for quite a a large bedroom but a more sensible use of the space over all.

However, unlike most houses in NZ this one has internal walls as well as external walls made of brick. I've never encountered anything like it really.

The bedroom

The wallpaper needs a bit of work.

In one corner is a large built in wardrobe.

On the other side of the all is the dining room. It is quite dark.

And the kitchen.

First thing to do was get rid of the old wardrobe.

 One Sunday I got bored and wanted to see how much light removing the wall would let into the dining area so made a bit of an exploratory hole.

At that point I stopped and left the rest up to the builder who had to put structural supports into the roof as it is a load bearing wall. We got it all checked out by the engineer etc and before long it looked like this:

So Labour weekend I spent the Saturday carting bricks and rubble to the local landfill. I've about 200-300 stacked up in the back yard for a future landscaping project too.

And by the end of the day it looked like this.

One thing I unearthed when lifting the old carpet was this, the original lino, quite a cool pattern.

In this photo you can clearly see where the wardrobe used to be.

The next job was to get the newly created gap plastered.

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