Monday, 23 November 2015

Update 3- Plastering the Lounge

Finishing off the new lounge took a while-probably done over two weeks all up

The plasterer had been and tidied up the brickwork.

Julie and I then spent the best part of a weekend stripping back 3-4 layers of wallpaper, a real bitch of a job.

 Once done it was ready for the plaster, who just happened to have started playing for my cricket team the week before.

Matt the plasterer has been and done the first coats.

We now have two entrances to the room. Some bright spark in the past has painted over the beautiful old stained doors with a horrible duck egg green paint. That door will be closed up and we'll put a bookshelf in front of it- less hassle than removing it.

The sunroom also required a bit of plastering.

With the final skim coat done it was rtime last Friday to get to work painting the lounge.

And the finished product with the new carpets. Much lighter and brighter.


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